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June 13, 2008

Yes, indeed. Seems I can’t get enough. This one actually has a purpose though..

…and since this is supposed to be about literature, why not start by quoting one of the masters? (a bonus point to the one who recognizes it…)

    Who shall see a white ship
    leave the last shore,
    the pale phantoms
    in her cold bosom
    like gulls wailing?

    Who shall heed a white ship,
    vague as a butterfly,
    in the flowing sea
    on wings like stars,
    the sea surging,
    the foam blowing,
    the wings shining,
    the light fading?

    Who shall hear the wind roaring
    like leaves of forests;
    the white rocks snarling
    in the moon gleaming,
    in the moon waning,
    in the moon falling,
    a corpse-candle;
    the storm mumbling,
    the abyss moving?

    Who shall see the clouds gather,
    the heavens bending
    upon crumbling hills,
    the sea heaving,
    the abyss yawning,
    the old darkness
    beyond the stars
    upon fallen towers?

    Who shall heed a broken ship
    on the black rocks
    under broken skies,
    a bleared sun blinking
    on bones gleaming
    in the last morning?
    Who shall see the last evening?


One comment

  1. I smell a translation from Quenyan here, so I suppose it harks back to one of the elven masters! 😛 *reshelving a book with a dragon on the cover*

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